Pink lady knits



1. Bed Shrug. The picot edge that I did (and completed and hemmed) wasn't stretchy enough. I ripped it all out. The look of horror on my husband's face was priceless...he thought all of the lace was going to go too. Bless him. I am going to attempt to pick up the stitches again tonight and knit one or two rounds and then do a picot bind off ala the Fetching pattern. It was too stretchy for my pair of hopefully it will work for the shrug.
2. Baby Sets. I have finished the little girl baby set for my cousin. I didn't even post about it or add it into the sidebar. I will add the boys stuff there though. I have to finish the hat and booties for the little boy soon, as the mother just had the twins yesterday! Pressure!
3. Embossed Leaves. I have done some more repeats on the Embossed Leaves and I am really looking forward to having them done.
4. My Mom's yellow socks. They have made no progress at all. They are my current movie theater knit...since they are nothing but stockinette...and we haven't gone to the movies in a while.
5. Grace's 3rd Birthday Sweater. This weekend I bought the yarn and cast on. She gets one a year (along with a bunch of other things) and I am really excited about this one. It's a simple raglan pullover with a buttoned slit in the back. I am doing it in alternating stripes of bright pink and green in Dale of Norway Baby Ull. I hope she likes it.
6. Sock Yarn. I am going to buy the yarn for my Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 Pal today or tomorrow. She requested Lorna's I would like to give her that and a certain eBay seller has some Bee Stripe in stock. However, I am torn because I have been wanting to try Scout's Swag for a while, and Kill Bill is a wicked colorway. We'll see what I do.
Progress photos forthcoming...

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