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Sockapalooza Done!

Finished. Finito. Fin.
I am so glad that I made it within the deadline and I am as pleased as punch with the results. Photo shoot and details post to come tonight...I can't wait to show you how they turned out!
With the completion of this project, I got to thinking about the rest of my WsIP...The projects in my status bar are all very important and several of them are gifts/to be given away. This troubles me because that means that they have deadlines. I don't like taking on too many deadline-related knitting projects because then I stress about knitting. This defeats the point of knitting...and makes it no fun. With that in mind, I have made it a point to prioritize my knitting as follows:
In order of importance:

1. Bed Shrug. This has a hard and fast deadline of August 25th. Meaning, knitted, blocked and seamed by August 25th. It's for my Mother in Law to wear on her wedding it's "kind of a big deal".
2. Baby Booties and Hat Sets. This wasn't even in the status bar until today and you will notice that it is at 0%. It is a favor for my cousin (who rarely asks for favors and tempted me with beautiful sock yarn) for her friend that is having twins. In August. I doubt that I will complete the
se by the time the baby is born, but I am going to do my very best.
3. Coquette. This had a hard deadline of May 20th. You can see that I have not met that, but for good reason. I am making some modifications to the pattern so that it will better fit my best friend (for whom it was knit as a birthday gift.) I will work on this once nos. 1 and 2 are complete.
The Irish Diamond Shawl is an ongoing project. I love shawls and I now love lace....but that's a lot of purling for me. The last repeat took over two hours and I am nowhere near the end, where each repeat will be taking me about 6 hours. It's a "when I have time and want to zone out" project...which means it will probably be done in early to mid 2008.
And...just so this post
isn't is a photo from my family reunion in Michigan:

That's me, in the pink, knitting while the rest of my family sings and plays guitar. My my, that looks like a Sockapalooza sock in my hand. :)

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