Pink lady knits



Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A for Knitty
Fleece Artist Merino in "Brick"

#1 Clover DPN's

These were knit for my Sockapalooza 4 sock pal. I painstakingly chose this yarn, and requested comments from all of you on the color and brand. I think this was the perfect choice. I labored over the decision to make this pattern and started another pair way back when before changing to these. I think my pal will really enjoy the deep rich red of these socks as well as the intricate and delicate lace pattern.
Speaking of the lace pattern, I really enjoyed it. The four row repeat was nice and simple to remember, and after a few inches I didn't need my pattern or notes any longer. I made two modifications to the pattern; a short row heel and a shorter toe. The short row heel was done because I wanted to try out the technique and because I thought it would suit the look of this sock design well. I think I was successful, after many practice heels, in accomplishing a nice simple short row heel. The shorter toe just means shorter than usual for me....I wanted these socks to be worn with as many different styles of shoes as possible, so I wanted the lace pattern to continue farther down the foot. I think that the modifications were successful.
I hope that my pal loves these socks. I will take more photos once they have been carefully washed and blocked. These socks have been places with me, most notably: a long car ride to and from Michigan, Deep Creek, Maryland, the line for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Virginia several times. Everywhere they have been, they have been showered with compliments...I just hope that they fit well and suit her tastes.


Jen said...

They look terrific! Congratulations!

Lolly said...

Your pal will love them! beautiful!

stephanie said...

they look lovely - i made hedera too! what a great pattern.

danielle said...

Your socks are so pretty -- and that colorway looks fantastic with the pattern that you chose!