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I'm Back....

I am back from my trip and ashamed to say that I didn't take a SINGLE picture. I was in one of the most beautiful places in Maryland and I returned with nary a photo to document the trip! So sorry! Trust me, it was lovely.
We left a little later than planned on Thursday but made good time. The house we stayed in was beautiful, we really enjoyed it.
While I was there I knit one repeat on the Irish Diamond Shawl, which took over two hours - there are a lot of stitches on it right now! It was nice to knit on it again. I am proud of my lace progress in the last several months. When I began this, I was so unsure of myself...I had to count and frog and tink. Now I can see where I made mistakes and fix them in the stitches. It's so fun to evolve as a knitter!
I also knit one bootie from each set I planned to make, and 1/2 of the second of the pink set. They are both awesome and super simple, I did one with a basketweave and one with a nice cuffed edge....I think they will be a hit. I need to finish them this weekend though...before the babies grow out of them. That's it more knitting was done.
I have made the painful decision to rip out my Airy Wrap Cardigan. I can tell that it is going to be too big and I want it I will rip it out and re knit it. I will likely change it so that it increases on the edges though...forming a v-neck instead of picking up the stitches for the wraps.
As soon as I get a free moment I have several things to share with all of you. A tutorial on a use for those plastic grocery bags, my new yarn storage solution and progress on the Beg Shrug. Stay tuned!

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