Pink lady knits


I packed up the knitting....

'cause I am hitting the road!
I told my lovely husband a few weeks ago that I needed a mini-break. He took that information and booked us an adorable townhouse in Deep Creek, Maryland. Deep Creek is more popular in the winter months because the Wisp ski resort is there. However, there is a nice little lake and lots of trees and not much to do in the summer....which makes it ideal for us. We plan to completely relax, which means I am bringing tons of knitting! In my big blue bag, I have:
- Yarn for two pairs of baby booties
- The Irish Diamond Shawl
- The Bed Shrug
- Hedera
- Roza's Socks
Variety is the spice of life after all, and I don't want to get bored of one project and have nothing else to work on! I will likely cast on for the baby booties first as both sets of my #1 DPN's are available (because the Hedera and Roza's are in SSS land.) They also need to be done when I get back to work on Monday because one of the babies was born yesterday and the Mommy of the other is currently in labor! The lace work is coming on vacation because it will be nice and quiet there and I will be able to concentrate on the patterns....I can't wait!

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Peter said...

Have a great time! I spent about two hours practicing while I was at the beach. The wind from the ocean was my biggest challenge! You would have been proud.