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Sock progress

I have been making really good progress on my Gentleman's Fancy Sock after letting it languish for months in the knitting basket. I am in love with the yarn I am working on, it is just so soft to the touch and the yardage is very generous. I will need to buy more and more.
I spent the better part of the day on Saturday in the car dealership buying the husband a new car. When I got there, I had just the ribbing on the second sock complete. When I left, I was ready to start the heel flap (and anyone who has knit these socks know that they are VERY long, so that is quite an accomplishment.) I plan to knit the heel flap and turn the heel tonight (not much knitting time as I have the gym and grocery store looming in my future.)
No further progress on the Airy Wrap Cardigan...and I plan to cast on for another small project (read: socks) as soon as these are finished. I am thinking Whitby, Cable Twist, Monkey or Roza's Socks...they are lovely. I just need to find the right yarn for each project in the stash and go from there.

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