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Six "Weird" Things About Me (in place of an FO photo)


When I was in college I had a summer job as an intern with the phone company. My job was to install and repair business phone lines. But, I had to go to pole-climbing school and complete it in order to qualify for the job. I was the only female in a class FULL of men (50 or so) and there were no allowances for my "gentle" disposition, I had to carry a 100 pound ladder several hundred feet and load it onto a truck, I had to climb the poles 36 feet in the air and every other little thing that was required of me. It should be said, that though I am not known for being a feminist, I was very proud when I completed that course, and more so when all the men cheered for me.


I can't be in the sun or on a beach without breaking out in a rash. My skin goes all pink and splotchy and itches like crazy. This never deters me from being in the sun or on a beach, but it usually makes me miserable for days.


I have a recurring nightmare that the skin on my legs has been replaced with Cheerios. I can see the muscle through them, but they are there as my skin. I hate looking at anything that is loop-shaped (like Cheerios) because it reminds me of this nightmare and makes me itch. This is just the gateway into the fact that I hate looking at texture.


I like to speak in a British accent sometimes, and use words that have been out of fashion for a long time such as Michaelmas, fortnight and mayhap. My cousin and I will frequently call or email each other and try to include as many of these words as we can. This stems from our obsession with all things Jane Austen.

My celebrity crushes are very strange and illustrate NO patterns. They include, Kelsey Grammer, Jason Statham, Russell Wong, Wentworth Miller and Ari Fleischer (some would argue against him being a "celebrity" but I know of him through photos in newspapers so that qualifies him in my book.)

I have a love/hate relationship with numbers. I don't like them, and my brain can't quite seem to wrap itself around them, but I always count my steps when I walk anywhere. I abhor odd numbers and refuse to do anything important on an date with an odd number and wouldn't even look at houses with addresses that had odd numbers when we went to buy our first home

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Jen said...

Yeah, you are a weirdo.