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Still here....and still knitting!

A very small portion of you may be wondering what I have been up to, and I do apologize to those of you who have been patiently expecting posts from me. With Christmas knitting behind me, I have been moving at a much slower pace these days.

Currently on my needles are these little gems:
1. My So Called Scarf in Patons SWS (has anyone used this yarn? it's SO soft!) in a colorway that reminds me of neopolitain ice cream. Eventually there will be a hat to accompany the scarf. I plan to knit a band of the So Called pattern, then seam it, then pick up the stitches along the top edge and knit in the round to make the crown of the hat. I just want that band to tie it in with the scarf.
2. My sixth pair of Jaywalkers in Austermann Step. Oddly enough, the colors in these socks remind me of a banana split, there is a lot of ice cream knitting gonig on. They are being knit on #1's, despite my issues with the previous doomed pair, because the stretchy nature of this yarn it making them the perfect fit.
3. Heeless Sleeping Socks in Lisa Souza Superfine Alpaca. I am not completely sold on the way this pattern is looking. I think part of the issue is that I am knitting them on #3's beause I want them to go almost all the way up to my knees, so the fabric is loose, which I despise. I will do another 16 row repeat, and if I am still not happy...I will rip them out, add more stitches and start over on #2's.

Recently off my needles (though still blocking sorry) is:
1. Grand Plan Wrap/Capelet in Cottage Tweed. This pattern was very easy and fast, and my gauge was spot on, I just wish I had made it a little longer (I ran out of yarn. Though I do have more at home, so maybe I will make it a little longer after I try it on.) I should have a photo of this in the next few days.
2. Baby socks and hat in leftover Lisa Souza "South Pacific" sock yarn. I made these for my bosses' new baby. They are teeny tiny and I love them. I hope they fit. I'll put the photo of these up when I put the photos of the capelet up.

Upcoming projects are as follows:
1. Gentleman's Fancy Socks in Woolworks sock yarn (in pinks and browns. Again, reminiscent of neopolitain ice cream.)
2. Cabled Turtleneck Grand Plan Wrap/Capelet in Cottage Tweed. This one will be a stone color.
3. Ubernatural in chunky baby blue tweed wool. Looking for fun buttons for this one.
4. Another pair of Jaywalkers in Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I know, I know. But I love the pattern, so shut it.
5. Child's French Socks in Regia (it's a mushroom color.)
I'll post again soon with some FO and WIP photos for your visual entertainment.

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