Pink lady knits


Another Pair of socks!

I recently finished these lovlies, and just had to share.
Pattern: None. Just plain knitting, but with the added touch of a picot edge.
Yarn: Lorna's Laces in "Fresh Stripe"
Needles: Size #1 Brittany Birch DPN's.
Notes: This yarn was a dream to work with, so soft and smooth, it almost had the texture of cotton. It produced a slightly smaller gauge than I am used to, so this began life as my doomed 6th pair of Jaywalkers. They will go well with my Ravens jersey (which is the only purple I own) and my many teal articles of clothing. Frankly, I am a fan of wearing fun socks that don't "go" with anything. I can't wait to wear them, I am sure I'll get rave reviews!


Kristi said...

I recognize that yarn! I'm glad you liked working with the Lorna's, the socks look great!

Courtney said...

Yes, it was lovely, and even softer now that they have been washed!
Thanks again! :)