Pink lady knits


Tony's Scarf

In a mere hour and a half, I have managed to knit this:

It gives me hope that I may actually be able to do this. Maybe, just maybe. It's Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's One Row Scarf. Looking darned good. Plus, this isn't even one skein!
(Can't currently link to the scarf because Yarn Harlot is down, however, you can go and search for it there if you want to make it. And you should, cause it's nice.)


Peter said...

i'm usually an earth tones kinda guy (loved your brother's finished sock) -- but i have to say this red is absolutely beautiful! and you've made such progress. thimble? bandage? change in style? or mere caution?

Courtney said...

I am with you....I usually err on the side of more muted tones, but both Tony and my Mother in Law requested red they get!
I managed to only puncture myself twice while knitting last night. I don't now how I managed to keep the number that low, but I suppose it is a good thing I did.