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Knitterly Injury

I have managed to injure the pointer finger on my left hand. I knit continental style, and when purling the pattern into my brothers second sock, I have (repeatedly) gouged under my fingernail with my working needle (a mere size 1) and have actually managed to pull the fingernail away from the skin. It is red and swollen and there is a bit of blood under the nail. I am scared to knit the socks again for fear that I will repeat my same mistake. My husband has suggested bandaging it, which may work, but could encumber my knitting. I considered a thimble, but know that will have grave gauge consequences (if I could even keep it on.) I have never, until now, considered becoming a combination knitter. Maybe I will read up on it (though I am nervous about changing styles in the midst of a project for fear my gauge will change drastically.
I hope it manages to stop throbbing soon, and also hope that the swelling goes down. Thankfully, I won't be knitting anything else on teeny weeny needles before Christmas. That, in and of itself, is a Christmas miracle.


Peter said...

oh dear! me hopes your boo boo is on the healing path. shall we call you thumbelina? i bet she could knit with a mere size 1! (how about that attempt at using pink lady knit's language?)

be well.

Courtney said...

LOL, I am sure she could! Though to her it would feel like a whopping size 20! :)
I am healing, but slowly. I can no longer put off knitting Mike's sock. I have to get it done because it needs to be in the mail by Monday!

Erin said...

Hey Courtney, how's it going? The end of all the Christmas knitting is near, can you believe it?!?! I can't believe how much you've done - you continue to be an inspiration!
P.S. Try superglue for my finger cuts. I use it at work to keep cuts closed from all the germies! (As long as they aren't too deep of a cut...) Doesn't keep them from hurting, but at least they won't get any worse...

Jen said...

I sincerely thank you for not including a photo.


Courtney said...

Great suggestion Erin, thanks!