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A Slightly "Plumper" Stash

Despite the fact that it is less than two weeks until Christmas, I have gone and purchased some yarn. The Webs email advertising their current closeouts on Rowan and Jaeger was what drew me in, but I (predictably) decided to purchase some sock yarn. With the current stash I have at home, this brings my post Christmas sock knitting capacity to a total of 6 pairs. I couldn't be happier. I am going to be at my LYS this weekend as well (for an ill-timed shawl knitting class) and plan to purchase a gift for someone (who may or may not read this blog) as well as a little something for me. I am weak in the presence of wool. Today's purchases were good ones and should yield some lovely socks. I am not yet sure which pattern they will all become, but I have an idea for some of them. Without further ado...
I bought:
- Two balls of Schachenmayer Regia 4 ply in 2693, which is a lovely mushroom color.
- Two balls of Gedifra Fashion Tweed in 5707, which is a fiery pink and red combo.
- Two balls of Gedifra Fashion Tweed in 5768, which is a more subtle blue, pink and yellow.
I have:
- One hank Lisa Souza Sock in Black, which may become Cookie's new Monkey socks.
- One glorious hank of Schaeffer Anne in a midnight blue color, which will become a pair of Whitby socks.
- Two hanks of Lorna's Laces in Fresh Stripe which is a great purple and teal number, they are destined for Jaywalker fame.
I haven't told my husband yet that I bought yarn. Or that I intend to buy more, but after months and months of knitting for others, I am afraid I have become a selfish knitter. I am sure that it will pass, at least I hope so. My next sock yarn purchases will be Lorna's Laces in Aslan (and not only because he is one of my favorite literary characters) and Black Purl. God I love knitting socks.

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