Pink lady knits



I have finally decided what to make my Mom for Christmas, after many failed attempts. I always knew I would be using this luxurious 100% alpaca in the most soothing blues, but the project morphed several times in my head (and twice in my hands.) First I planned a Branching Out, but once I got the Liesel pattern in my head, I thought I would try that. The pattern didn't look right on the yarn, though I know it would have looked better blocked. I decided to try a So Called Scarf, because I love the finished product, and the process seemed simple and fun (I like new "strange" stitches) but that didn't look right either, as you may remember.

After some careful consideration, I decided to make headbands for her. She always wears headbands, so it seems like a perfect fit. I will make her one simple one, maybe with some eyelets, small, so that it can be worn throughout the day. Then I will make her Nakiska to wear outdoors, which I think she will love. It feels so good to have made a decision!

Also, here is the progress on Mike's Christmas Sock. It is looking really good and the pattern is so easy to memorize, I am not even reading it anymore!

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