Pink lady knits


Jaywalkers IV

Pattern: Jaywalker, by Miss Grumperina
Yarn: Lisa Souza sock yarn in "Sky Drama"
Needles: #1 Boye Aluminum DPN's
For: Cousin Kelly's Christmas Gift
Pattern and Notes:
I don't really know what else to say about this pattern. I have gushed over it repeatedly, embarassing both myself and Kathy (probably, but maybe not.) I really like how this yarn knit up on it, though I was slightly upset at how different each sock looked from one another. I started at the cuff of the sock on my right foot (see how little white there was?) and then worked to the toe and then from the cuff on the left sock to the toe. The yarn gets increasingly white as the knitting goes on, but they are still happy and fun socks. I knit them on smaller needles so that they would be more fitted (thereby making them more likely to be worn with shoes instead of just around the house.) I hope she loves them!
(BTW: That's the paint color on my basement walls, doesn't it just go perfectly with these socks!?)


Jen said...

I love this pic, against the blue wall. *grin*

Courtney said...

I think it makes my feel look thin.
(Obsessed much?)