Pink lady knits



I finished Liesel last night! I couldn't be happier! I used two and a half skeins of the Wool of the Andes, and I think it is long enough. Blocking should open it up a little, so it will "grow."

I will be soaking it and pinning it tonight, so stay tuned over the next few days for an updated photo of the beautiful charity scarf as it heads off to the silent auction for such a worth cause.

This will leave me more time to work on the Zig Zag Scarf for my Father-in-Law and the Jaywalkers for Kelly. As soon as those are done, I will be casting on for a pair of Mata Hari socks in black for my Sister-in-Law Amber and a One Row Scarf for Tony. Can't wait to knit something that isn't lace! (I know, I know, BAD KNITTER!)

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