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Up and Running...

You may remember from this post that I broke one of my lovely Brittany birch double point needles while attempting (unsuccessfully, I might add) to make a parir of Hedera's. (Hederi?)
I wrote the company on the 1st of September, requesting a replacement needle, and last night there was a shiny new set of size #1's. I am as pleased as punch with their very reposnsive customer service, as well as the fact that they were very carefully packaged to prevent further breakage!
Also, today on my lunchbreak, I ran to JoAnn's with a friend who I am teaching to knit. She wanted to grab some needles and yarn (I taught her on mine so that she needn't spend the money unless she loved it—she does.) I snagged these and couldn't be happier! :) 5 each of size 000, 00, 0 and 1 metal needles for socks!

Also, as this is my last post before leaving for Bermuda, I leave you with a list of socks that I would like to knit myself after the holidays and the yarn with which I would like to knit them:
Mata Hari in Habu Textiles Cashmere "Logwood"
Whitby in Sundara "030", need the book too
Falling Leaves in Blue Moon Socks that Rock in "Lemongrass"
Straight Laced in Lisa Souza "Black" (I already have)
Hedera though I don't have a yarn picked out for this....any suggestions?
Snowflake in Lorna's Laces "Natural"
I do think I will be able to pick up some of these fun sock yarns (and many more, I am sure) at Stitches East in about a month. I have already warned my dear husband of the stash that will be entering the house at the close of the event. I don't want to have to hold back at all, so we'll see where that gets me! I see major credit card damage in my future...
(Anyone paying attention to this would realize it is a virtual list for Santa....wink wink, nod nod.)


Elizabeth said...

Oooh, love your choices for socks. There are a number on there I'm going to make too. Have fun in Bermuda!

Courtney said...

I am a little worried, as I had trouble with Hedera. I am thinking that finishing that lace shawl will really help to solidify the concept of lace knitting for me, and then I can knit those amazing socks!
Can't wait for Stitches East, I want to get more yarn!