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We have a needle down...

So, last night I cast on Hedera for my Mother-in-Law for her birthday. I thought that the twisted rib in the begining would really annoy me, but it was actually really fun, I think I'll do that from now on because it just "flowed" more easily to knit into the back and then purl...since the working needle is always pointing the same way. Anyway, the lace pattern is SUPER easy and I did 4 repeats while watching a movie....and only got distracted once. The yarn I am knitting them in (Lisa Souza's sock yarn in Little Devil) is really beautiful and it is striping so nicely....however, I think that it is distracting from the lace pattern since it is varigated. I will have to keep in mind to do the lace socks in solid colors from now on....but at least I learned my lesson. :)
The biggest news of the night is that I broke a needle! I was on the second lace repeat in the sock and snapped my beautiful (and brand-spanking-new) Brittany double-point! Though, thanks to their guarantee, I will have a new needle shortly. Since this pattern only requires 4 needles total, I am in the clear to keep knitting.
I will have photos tonight of my Hedera sock WIP, my Irish Folk Shawl (from my shawl class at the LYS from this book) WIP, my legwarmers and my Fetching gloves. Sorry, had to let the camera battery charge. :)
*Edited to add* that I made my VERY FIRST center pull ball last night with the assistance of my lovely husband who patiently sat with his arms in the air for about 30 minnutes total. What a guy! It even "stands" on it's own, like the machine wound balls...I feel so accomplished!

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