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Raglan Mohair

Another FO! My Raglan Mohair sweater. I started this sweater way back when, almost a year ago, 8 months at least. I began it as a bottom up, and the measurements kept being off somehow. Huge one time, tiny the next. I finally gave up and decided to try a raglan, top down. And that was it, I fell in love! It is simple, and there is no pattern, I winged it with my gauge and how I wanted it to fit. This was created before I understood right and left slanting decreases, so they are probably a mess...luckily, the mohair hides that! I had to do several increases at the bottom because each time I would bind off, the sweater would be so tight over my hips that it wouldn't lay flat. I must have ripped it out 3 or 4 times! I am super happy with the finished product though, in fact, I am wearing it today! Enjoy!


tatjana said...

That is so cute! I especially love the colour :)

Courtney said...

thanks! :)