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Fetching and my Legwarmers

Yet another FO! My legwarmers, which were loosely based on the pair called "Look-Back Legwarmers" from Weekend Knitting. I can't rave about this book enough, it is chock full of wonderful little ideas and easy to knit projects.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Silk Alpaca and Karabella Aurora 4
Needles: #4 Addi DPN's in wood
Start Date: August 20th
Finish Date: August 26th
Details and Notes: The yarn I picked was so soft and wonderful, but my gauge was totally off. So I hade to rewrite the pattern, using almost twice the stitches. I also decided to add some merino to the top to give it more elasticity, so they would stay up better when I walk around in them. I used the same merino on the other end and created a picot edge....and have actually been wearing that end as the top, cause it's prettier!
*Note: Yes, my skin really is that white...bad angle for my legs though, I don't think they are really that gigantic!*

Pattern: Fetching, by Yarn: Debbie Bliss Silk Alpaca and Karabella Aurora 4
Needles: #4 Addi DPN's in wood and a small (don't know what size, sorry) crochet hook
Start Date: August 26th
Finish Date: August 30th
Details and Notes: I liked knitting this pattern and I found it to be very easy and quick. I am, however, slightly off-put by how "gapey" the top of these gloves are. I think if I had chosen a yarn with more elasticity, they would have come in a bit more. As they are, they roll back on themselves and gape a lot. Next pair I make (because I will be making more!) will be made of straight wool and will not use the picot bind off, but just a plain bind off. I did a single crocheted edge to try to bring them in a bit more, and it helped some as it was in the merino, but not enough.

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