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Onward and Upward...

So, I have finally [officially] begun and made progress on my Olympic sweater! I have several inches of the top done (it is a top down raglan) and plan to get at least as much done tonight as I did last night.

I am concerned about how much yarn I have though (only 500 yards of the ww wool in apple green and about 200 of the sw wool/mohair blend in hot pink.) It should be enough, but just...not leaving lots of room for error the way I like to. I hope that it all works out the way I want it to, maybe I should stop by A Good Yarn and see if they have some extra of that apple green yarn, but since I bought it so long ago, I doubt they will. Hmmm, maybe I can see if I can find it online....maybe I won't even need it. Let's hope for that.

I have to say that watching Michelle Kwan pull out of the Olympics really made me almost sucked up my Olympic spirit as ladies figure skating is the only part of the winter games I am really "into". I am sticking it out though....after all she has a groin injury and my hands are just as healthy as ever.

I have lots of progress to make in the next 12 days....wish me luck!


sillyduckie said...

hello! :)

i know you, i'm sure you can have it done by the time the Olympics are over! but i do know what you mean about trying to find more of something way after you bought it originally...i'm sure you'll have just enough to get it done!

i've been lurking about...but i will try and go back and leave comments on some of your previous entries...

i was sad about michelle kwan, too. she's a local girl, i once met her since she came to the japanese bakery that i used to work at part time back in my college days! she was so nice - some people were hounding her for autographs at the market, and she just took it all in stride with that grace that she has...

good luck on your sweater! :)

Courtney said...

Yoko! Thanks for popping in an posting! The Olympic sweater is kicking my butt, but I have managed to get a good portion fo the body of the sweater done and should be able to start on the arms by Wednesday. I can't even remember what day the Olympics end....I am stressed about it, but it is fun. :)
I can't believe you met Michelle Kwan! I can remember the first time I saw her on the ice, my Mom and I both cried. She had grace and poise WAY beyond her years. I just adore her. If I know her though, she won't give least I hope not.