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Already behind...

I am trailing behind on my olympic project. With the move, I have been confused about the days....throw in the fact that I was out sick on Friday and you come to the conclusion that I completely forgot to cast on until last night! Last night! Two whole days of knitting...not that it would have mattered. I wouldn't have been able to get anything accomplished as I was digging out of the blizzard and putting my new home together anyway, but still.
I cast on last night and realized that I am not happy with the way the sweater is going. I have decided to change up the design a little and make my life easier by creating a selvedge egde for the button band I will add later. As of now the sweater was going to be a split neck pullover in green stockingnette with a hot pink seed stitch border around the neck and at the empire waist. The sleeve length was going to come to me as I went but they were going to be full kimono-esque sleeves. NOW it is going to be a cardigan in green with a hot pink cinched waist detail in a 2x1 rib, almost like a corset at the waist. I don't know about the sleeves yet, maybe fitted, we'll see. I will probably put just a row of the pink at the end of the sleeves to tie it all together...should look good. I am thinking about doing eyelet holes on the pink portion and using ribbon to lace it like a corset.....I love this designing thing!
Anyway, I have to rip out and re-cast on tonight when I get home from work and while I am watching Grey's Anatomy from last night. Hopefully it will be good...can't wait!

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