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The Alpaca Baby Blanket

So my cousin Jamie and his wife Kimmy had their first baby today; Lauren Elizabeth. You may ask "Courtney, isn't this the baby that you were knitting the superfine alpaca blanket for in 'Wild Things?'" To which I would reply, "Yes."
She is 3 weeks early and I am not even close to being done. I haven't picked up my knitting needles in over a week because we have been in the middle of the move. I guess I'd better get cracking though...whatd'ya think?
Now, it is important to mention that I knit this blanket in a dark blue because everyone (including me) assumed she was having a boy. She was ALL BELLY! I mean, come on! The blanket is still a lovely shade for a girl however, because of all of the beautiful teals and greens running through the yarn. I hope she loves it. I hope she doesn't put it in the washing machine. I guess I'd better include a note about care, she is going to be too distracted with the new baby to pay attention to the instructions if I just tell them to her.

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sillyduckie said...

i'm sure Lauren Elizabeth will love her baby blanket! :)