Pink lady knits


We have a Knitter Down.

For immediate release.
Courtney Stansbury, knitting out of the United States of America, injured the thumb on her right hand last night while steaming Chinese Chicken Purses for dinner. The injury appears to be a steam burn, exasterbated by the red chilis that were chopped for the dish. The burning in the appendage has made it difficult for her to make noticable progress on her sweater, which she has only days left to complete.
Courtney is enthusiastic, but skeptical about the looming deadline. "I just don't know if I can get it done in time, my thumb is essential to my knitting." When asked why she chose the risky cooking method of steaming, she replied "I thought it would be safer than deep frying."
With the close of the Knitting Olympics so close at hand, Courtney is most concerned about the blocking process, "It is the steam that scares me. What if I burn myself again? It would be a shame to fall behind in the blocking process."
We will have periodic updates about Courtney's progress and recovery. With 4 days, 3 hours and 57 minutes remaining, she is halfway through the first sleeve and has yet to attach the button band, finish or block. Stay Tuned.

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