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Mohair Madness

As a birthday gift this year I recieved 1,000 yards of BEAUTIFUL vergiated mohair in shade of red, orange, pink, plum and even green. It is beautiful, and I attempted to knit my second sweater on it. It turned out as a disaster, not because of my knitting, but because of the pattern I used. I have found (since then) that sweaters fit me best when they are knit from the top down in raglan form, though inset sleeves are fine as well. I can't wear sweaters with a yoke because they are too long under the arms for my body type. Anyway, it was a yoke sweater. I tried to rip it out but because the mohair is so delicate, it just kept tearing. I finally gave up and started a new venture with what was left of the mohair (which was PLENTY for another sweater....or two.) I have roughed in the area for the sleeves and knit 6 " of the body, but I think I am going to have to rip out again because the body portion is too big, though the sleeves are fine. I tried doing some decreases, but it doesn't look perfect, and with this yarn it has to look PERFECT. Anyway, when I am finally done with it, I will post a photo. I am doing a tee shirt style, with a square neck because I think they are prettier than round necks (plus they are easier). I think it will have short sleeves, because I can wear it with a long sleeved shirt in the winter and a tank top in the summer....I can't wait to finish! I am hoping to work on it some more tonight. : )

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