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I finished Kelly's sweater last night! I had wanted to give it to her on Saturday, and tried so hard to get it done in time, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. It looks SO GOOD! I can't believe I came up with the design off the cuff like that. I just did my typical raglan cast on and marker placement for the raglan sleeve increases (courtesy of Stephanie Japel from Glampyre Knits) and then went to town with the design. I think I am going to have to make myself one since I like it so much. I need to block it tonight when I get home from work, and then I will either mail it to Kel or call her and see if she wants to get together for drinks and I can give it to her then. I hope it fits her as perfectly as it fit me. Next time I make it, I am putting a loop on the back as well as the sides. I think that it would hold the strings better that way. I used just over 3 skeins of the beautiful Dale Tiur for it, and I think that was because I left the i-cord strings really long so that she could tie them in a bow (she likes bows.)
I finished up the mohair sweater tee that I have been working on forever. I went to put it on this morning and realized it is too long, so I have to rip out tonight and make it shorter, thankfully that shouldn't take too long. I am taking like an inch off of it though. Sigh. Will I ever finish this sweater?
I am not too far along on Kimmy's baby blanket, only have a corner done. That is going to take a while, but I am doing it in garter stitch (so that it is thicker and therefore, warmer and cushier for the baby) so it should knit up quick. I haven't decided if I am doing the edge on it yet, but probably. I have a hard time understanding the pattern directions for that, so I may need to pop into the yarn shop for a tutorial.
So, I realized last night that when I cast on for the Knitting Olympics it will be at the new house! HOW EXCITING! I think that will probably be the first project that I cast on at the new house and I am super excited about the prospect of knitting there. It seems serene to me for some reason. Perhaps because it is empty. The Knitting Olympics project is the green raglan pullover that I have been stalling on.

There are a few other projects on the horizon—

VJ's grey v-neck pullover: I have decided to pull out what I have so far and do a top down raglan for him. I have to perfect the v-neck concept before I can start on it I haven't gotten to that just yet.
Katie's purple silk shawl: I love this yarn, it is so lovely....but it is a pain to work with. The shawl pattern is the same as the baby blanket pattern, only you stop before you do the decreases to make it a square. I want to finish this, but I think it won't get done until spring since she can't really wear it until then anyway...
Gauntlets for me: I don't know what yarn I will be doing them in, but I want to use the same pattern as the "Raggamittens" I made a few months ago, just longer....and maybe with a few cables. We'll see.
And, yarn in the stash that I have no idea what to do with—
About 300 yards of pure white polo, which is VERY soft and cushy. I was going to make mittens, a hat and scarf for Grace out of this, but a.) it is white and b.) she just pulls them all off all the time. I am thinking about making something for me out of them, maybe a hat....which I always want to have, but never seem to.
About 700 yards of sportweight tweed in light brown and chocolate. I have NO IDEA what to do with this yarn, but it has to be something beautiful, because I love it. I am thinking a sweater or bolero, or wrap (with sleeves because I hate tugging at things all day) but I will need to knit it on tiny needles since I am such a loose knitter.
About 100 yards of acrylic green slubby yarn. I hate working with it, but it really does made a pretty fabric. I think it is Red Heart, and I used it for Grace's sweater so that it could be washed.
About 100 yards of blue/aqua acrylic boucle. I used this for Amber's sweater and it is really pretty knitted up, but again, a pain to work with. I think this and the previous yarn would be good for the gauntlet project.
About 300-400 yards of the BEAUTIFUL mohair that I got from Katie for my birthday last year. I think I am just going to hang onto this and use it as accents in pieces. (i.e. if I use the last 300 yards of the Tiur to make a shawl, I would edge it with the mohair...since they are lovely together or I could make a hat and scarf with the same combination.)
That's it. Lotsa projects, lotsa yarn...but that is heaven for me! :)

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