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Figuring it out!

Blogging doesn't come naturally to me. I am a graphic designer and I hate web work...there, I said it. But I am learning. My biggest accomplishment so far today is getting my Knitting Olympics (Team USA) button up and working. Yippee! :)
I am mailing Kelly's sweater to her today, and I hope it fits perfectly and that she loves it. I want to keep it really bad! It has been blocking on my kitchen table for a few days now and it just keeps getting softer and softer. I strongly suggest Dale "Tiur" to anyone who loves mohair.
After some contemplation, I have determined that I will need to add some of said "Tiur" to my Olympics sweater. I used a lot more yarn than I anticipated (good thing I always buy too much, huh?) on the pattern and I am concerned that I won't have enough of my green wool (also Dale) to pull off the job. Luckily, green and pink look splendid together, so I am thinking I will do the trim in pink. We'll see.
My next big project for this blog is to get some photos up here. You all must be starved for images!

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