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Another project down....

I popped into A Good Yarn ( on Wednesday to get the #11's, and walked out with 700 yards of sportweight tweed and a "Raggamitten" kits from Insubordiknit ( Lorraine has just started carrying the beautiful yarn from Insubordiknit and I was thrilled to own some, and it proved a dream to work with. I made the fingerless mittens to keep at work since I am always freezing and can still type in them. They are wonderful! There was some left over yarn and since I am not a wasteful person, I knitted my iPod mini up an adorable and festive sweater!
I am such a schizophrenic knitter...I am obsessed with one project, but can be side-tracked so easily. I made my husband stop on the way home from work at A.C. Moore and buy me the double pointed needles. They only had 10.5 and come to think of it, I have never seen them higher than that. I am sure there is some reason why in the big book of knitting reason and rhyme...but I am still fairly new to this game, so I just don't know yet.
I [re]started Grace's green raglan pullover last night. I got the top done and the arms mapped out. I just need to finish the body and then I can get the arms done. I think I an going to put a big chunky rib on the bottom and was considering putting a fun (but simple) cable on each arm. We'll see though...I haven't ever put one into a finished piece before, only on scraps.

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