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I realized I had problems when...

we were decorating the Christmas tree last night (yes, a measly 6 days from the Big Guy's birthday) and I turned to my husband and offered to make tiny scarves for some of our Holiday decorations. He looked at me, thought of teasing me, saw I was serious and replied "If you'd like to, that would be nice." What a guy.I finished Grace's Green Raglan Pullover and Amber's Boucle Shrug just by the hair on my chinny chin chin. They are all wrapped and awaiting the shrieks of joy at their unveiling. I will take photos of them on their reciepients as soon as they un-wrap them. Better on a person than just laid on a bed...I am now working on VJ's Grey V-neck Pullover. I am working it from the bottom up and to be honest, I am not too excited about it because the last time I did this pattern it ended up being WAY too big on me, so I am scared I will have to rip out hours and hours of work. I may try to find another pattern and start over, I have only knit 200 yards or so, so far. If anyone has a good (simple) men's v-neck pullover pattern, let me know.

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