Pink lady knits



Pattern: Bubble Pullover, Knitting Nature
Yarn: Mmmmalabrigo in "Lettuce"
Needles: #9 and #7 Circulars and DPN's

I started this project on a whim. I was in the library looking for a good book to read (I settled on My Life in France by Julia Child, by the way) and meandered over to the knitting section to see if there was anything new to peruse. I picked up Knitting Nature, even though I'd read through it before, and was struck by the beauty and ingenuity of each and every pattern.
I think what was missing when I looked at these before was a sp
ecific skill level that left me in awe of the design process associated with the beautiful finished pieces I was looking at, and at the same time made me confident that I could achieve finished pieces like the ones in the book. It was a pivotal moment for me in my knitting career.

I was especially struck by the Bubble Pullover. It's construction was fun and challenging, and the finished product was something I knew I would wear. Additionally, I had seen versions of it knit with Malabrigo, and I'd been looking for the perfect pattern to set of the 6 skeins I'd purchased at Stitches. It was a serendipitous moment.

Though the construction took some getting used to, it really is as simple as can be. It's also fun to watch the piece grow, and really only gets cumbersome after you add the sleeves. The only modification I had was to pick up fewer stitches around the waistband because I couldn't pick them up consistently or attractively, and I wanted it to look clean. I think I achieved that.

I'm 100% thrilled with this sweater. It's warm, it's soft, it's in a color I adore, and it fits like a dream. Also, I love the feeling I get when people ask where I got it, and then get the look of complete and utter respect on their face when I unabashedly say "I made it!".


ekgheiy said...

Nice job!! That color looks really good on you :)

Jen said...

I do love that one. You should have another Knitwear Week!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's stunning. And it also looks really cosy to wear! I wish Malabrigo was cheaper to get hold of here - a Malabrigo sweater would be awesome. ;)

I know what you mean by looking at patterns in a different way - there were patterns I remember seeing back when I first started knitting, where I said "Ooh, I'll never be able to knit that!!". And now when I look at them I think "Huh, that looks manageable and fun. Ooh, short rows!"