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Another WIP

I haven't updated the sidebar in a while, so you may not know all of the projects I've been working on. However, this one has been up there for quite some time, and I've never shown you a I'm doing that now. It's the Selbu Modern beret, and I really like how it's coming out. The colors are so vibrant and Spring-like, I almost think that the weather outside should be nicer before this sees the light of day.

It's not a hard pattern at all, especially for a novice colorwork knitter like myself. But it is very enjoyable to watch the two colors make a picture...I'm hooked. It's taking forever to knit though because I've had it at the office. My hope is that having it at home means I'll get work done on it a little faster. Fingers Crossed.

In other news, I've finished "Hef", but haven't done a proper photoshoot yet. So, you'll need to wait for photos of that to be posted. If you get antsy, you can check out my Ravelry page for an iPhone shot. :)

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