Pink lady knits


Kevin and Iris

I ventured up to Pennsylvania this weekend to visit Kelly, Danny, and Grace. Oh, and baby "Poppy" too, of course! I stayed Saturday night and left Sunday morning. It was a blast.

Gracie and I made cupcakes.

Purple cupcakes! With pink icing and pink sprinkles. Of course.

To be honest, they weren't too purple...more of a putty color. But as Kelly and I weren't down with adding too much food coloring into the batter, and Grace was satisfied with the color we got, we left well enough alone. She was pleased though, and the cupcakes did look yummy! (I didn't eat one, I'm more of a "salty" snacker.)

Grace is a character right now...and I can't get enough of her. She helped me pick out the shoes for my outfits. She wanted to wear my "lipgloss" (Carmex) the entire time, and she requested a little eyeshadow as soon as her Mom left the room. She likes to choose her own outfits as well, though they don't always match. Kelly lets her explore her creativity though, so that's good. When I left Sunday morning she was in a purple floral dress, red floral pants, socks, pink polka dot shoes, and a pink cardigan. It should be mentioned that the pinks were different pinks. She looked happy though, so who am I to judge?

I left with just enough time to make it to my Sister-in-Law's bridal shower. But of course, I was late! I got a flat tire on 30E, and I was sure the world was ending for all of the racket my car was making! Fortunately, Kevin and Iris (for whom I've dedicated this post) stopped to help me. Kevin said that he saw that I was a woman and alone and wanted to make sure I'd be OK! Isn't that just the nicest thing? The tiny feminist in me (she really is tiny and only comes out every once in a while) would like to say that I know how to change a tire. But the truth is that I don't. And even if I did it would have taken me 5 times longer than Kevin, and likely would have ruined my pristine white pants. So, here's to you Kevin and Iris! Because of your kind hearts I made it to the shower before it was over...I really truly appreciate you stopping!

What's that? Oh. Nope, no knitting news...I was really hoping the photos of cupcakes would distract you!


marycatharine said...

Those cupcakes are gorgeous, all pink and glittery.

Courtney said...

Thanks! Gracie was happy with them...but she made me put purple sprinkles on after I took the photo, so I guess they weren't sparkley enough for her! :)