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A "Superior" Shetland

Several months ago my friend Jen and I sat down and looked at some patterns together. She is a crocheter, and I (obviously) am a knitter. There was a pattern that I'd always wanted from Scarf Style called Blizzard. It's a gorgeous and simple wrap done in a chunky yarn on a large hook. Sadly, I have never learned to crochet. Sure, I can chain, but just enough for me to do a provisional cast on. There were also dozens of beautiful patterns out there for lace shawls that were knit, and Jen was smitten. We thumbed through the books and magazines together and she found several that she liked.
It took a while, but it finally hit me that we should do a swap...I'd knit her something, and in turn, she'd crochet me Blizzard. I got her the yarn (Cascade Eco Wool in a beautiful off-white) and she got me the yarn (Filatura de Crossa Superior in a deep berry - truly amazing yarn!) and we went to work. I soon realized that I wasn't digging the pattern that she'd selected. It was a little above my comfort level as a knitter, quite complicated. I ripped out and began again, this time, it stuck. I'm making her the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style, and it's zooming along beautifully.
I do need to speed up though because she's almost done with my Blizzard and I'm nowhere near done!


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

What a great swap!

Courtney said...

Thanks! I thought it was a stroke of genius!