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A new photo of Glee

I promised I would post one when I had it, and here it is. Katie was kind enough to model Glee for me when she was at my house for New Year's Eve. The fit was perfect, and ultimately, the modifications I made to the design really worked well for her body type.
Just like the rest of us, Katie has certain things that she wishes were different about her body. She would kill for a fuller butt (I know, I know, try not to hate her, she really is a lovely person) and a more defined waist. Also, she is rather busty for such a small person which makes her feel disproportioned when she wears things that are too "flashy" on her top half. Because of these things, I made some mods to the design.
First, I decreased the depth of the plunging neckline because I didn't want it to pull against her chest and look like she was "busting out of it". This was a good choice because it fits better and it isn't revealing, so it can be worn to a number of places - including work. Because it wasn't as plunging, I left off the eye hooks, which I think works fine because the second modification drew more attention to the waist she so desperately wanted to highlight. I did some waist shaping to give the illusion of a more defined waist (just evenly decreased three stitches on both sides, and then evenly increased the same number on both sides) and then knit her a matching belt that was sort of "obi" style belt.
To knit the belt I cast on three stitches and knit an i-cord for about 20 inches. I then decreased into the front and back of the first and last stitch and then turned the work and did the increases again, which gave me seven stitches. I knit in garter stitch for about 1/4 inch and then I did a small eyelet hole in the center. I knit in garter for about the length of Katie's waist (which is hovering between 20 and 21 inches) and then mirrored the other end, and continued in i-cord. When both ends of the i-cord are inserted into the holes, the "belt" closes up and can be tied with the i-cords.
She loved this addition of the belt because it gave her the shape she was looking for. I may end up attaching "belt loops" to the sweater at some point, I wanted to see if she needed them, and I think she probably does.
Ultimately, I am really pleased with how the sweater came out. I think it's a perfect fit, and she loves it!


Amber said...

I think that the belt is a great idea. I think it deserves to be knit up out of lighter yarn and showcased ;)

But then, I'm a sucker for obi style belts, and that's just such a nice variation!

Bea said...

It looks really cute. I think you did a stellar job.