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A little project

I have a little project on the needles that I started when my Mom was in the hospital in December. I've always wanted to knit my Mom big things, not little things. But the thing is, no matter what I offer to make my Mom, she only ever wants socks. Here's a standard conversation:

Me: I found this beautiful pattern that I'd love to make you, it's called The Shetland Triangle.
Mom: What is it?

Me: Oh, of course. It's a lace shawl.

Mom: Hmmm
Me: Well, you could wear it as a scarf too. You need scarves, right?

Mom: I suppose so. I'm sure it's lovely. Do you have a picture?

----Interlude: imagine me sending Mom a link to the picture---

Me: Well?

Mom: I guess it's nice. I just don't think I'd ever wear it.

Me: Oh. OK, I understand.

Mom: You know what I would love though?
Me: More socks?
Mom: More socks.

So, this time I decided on a compromise. I'd knit her the socks...more socks...but on my terms. Lace socks. Lovely little complicated lace socks! The perfect pattern was selected (Lady's Silk Stockings by the famous Nancy Bush) and she seemed pleased with it, only requesting that I not make them "that long". I can live with that.

I found the perfect yarn in my stash, it's the most beautiful shade of Wedgewood blue Louet Gems, and I adore working with it. It's beyond soft for wool, now I understand why it's so popular. This yarn is special too, I bought it at MDSW last year at the Cloverhill booth, and I think I knew even then that it was destined for greatness!

I brought the yarn and pattern with me when I got the call that my Mom was sick. I knew that if I was going to be in the hospital, I'd find it difficult to work on VJ's sweater, and determined that something small and portable would be better. Once she was finally checked in, the night before her surgery, I started these socks. I worked on them in fits and spurts while she was there, though I didn't really accomplish much - all things considered. I blame that on the Doctors, Nurses, and hordes of loved on
es coming in and out of the room so often. Also, I was knitting the in dark (I'm shocked that there are no mistakes in the lace!)

I made some modifications to the cuff after a faulty first try. I didn't read the instructions well enough the first time, so I missed the part about slipping the first stich over....but I liked the way it looked. It kind of angles, and it's really pretty. Mom agreed, so I kept that part, but I only did about 4 repeats in the cuff. I separated the cuff and leg with 2 rounds of purl stitches instead of knit stitches, and also, as requested, I'm knitting them shorter. I think I'm done with the leg at this point, and now need only to begin the heel.

I've had these on the back burner for a while, but I'd like to finish them up for her soon. I know she's patiently waiting for her socks...and I don't want to let my Momma down!

(P.S. You can see the awesome DPN stitch holders my Hubby stuffed my stocking with this Christmas in the photo. Whattaguy!)

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Lolly said...

ha! funny conversation with your mom! at least she knows what she likes :) good call on the compromise!