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Boatneck and Pretty Colors

I have the Boatneck Bluebell on the needles right now and have completed the body, and I am moving on to the sleeves. I had been waiting to buy needles, but just got my grimy paws on a set of #7 DPN' knitting can commence. Here is a photo of the progress when I last worked on it a few days ago.

I am pretty happy with how it is coming out, but I do think it will need to be blocked quite well, as it's a little shorter than I would have liked. If, for some reason, blocking doesn't solve the problem, I'll go back in and knit it longer. That's my new dining room set by the way, a much prettier setting than my old kitchen table...I foresee lots of in progress shots in this setting.

I also have the Endpaper Mitts on the needles...I am SO proud of myself for the way these are coming out. It's my first color work and so far it's been quite easy. I thought that I'd followed the directions, but most of the mitts I've seen have the contrasting and main colors swapped for the color work...which does actually pull out the pattern a little more. I want to perfect the technique and if I don't feel like the pattern is popping enough I'll knit a swatch with the colors swapped and see if it helps. I wouldn't mind re-knitting these, they've been a true pleasure. Eunny scores again!

More photos to come once I have something finished or more solid progress...stay tuned.


marycatharine said...

How smart of you to have a "real plan" for your Endpaper Mitts. It's such a smart ides when you point out that it makes the colors pop more. I was a moron and just didn't read the instructions :) I love the gray and pink in your's, the way the colors work together is fantastic.

Courtney said...

Thanks! It's pretty hard for me to rip something that I worked that hard on...but I am a perfectionist with my knitting. I think that if I'd noticed after I'd already finished one...I would have left it alone. :)