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Juliet progress

I spent the better part of the weekend knitting Juliet. It's moving so fast that it makes me want to knit chunky yarn on large needles all of the time! The yarn is amazing, squishy, smooth and soft. The pattern is very well written and easy as can be to figure get comfortable knitting.

At this point it is 3 repeats longer than in the photo below:

The only concerns I have at this point are the obvious color changes and the size I made. The color change I am kind of over. My husband looked at it and told me that had I never mentioned it, he wouldn't have seen it. The sizing was the result of two separate things; I didn't look closely enough, and thought that the numbers for the Small were actually for the Medium. I didn't realize this until after I was at the increase set up round for the lace panel. The second reason was the almost everyone who has knit this says that it gets larger when it I am hoping this is true. We'll see....
I picked out buttons this weekend and they are going to be great. I'll be back this week with a finished photo!

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