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Sick time means knitting time

I am sick.
Not a little sick. Not sniffly sick. Not, I-don't-want-to-go-to-work-but-I-could-still-run-to-the-post-office-sick, but really sick. It came on slowly on Thursday, and got progressively worse over the weekend. I'd anticipated it having run it's course by now, but alas, it's still around.
That said, I have been able to make some solid progress on Clementine in the last few days. It was the only knit on the needles that I even wanted to touch while under the weather. There is something so soothing about the incredibly simple 4 row repeat. I've finished the first piece and all of the shaping on the second piece, plus 10 repeats of the main lace. I have only 20 more repeats of the main lace left, and then I can kitchener the two sides together. Funny story from this weekend: I put the live stitches from the first half onto waste yarn and then laid it onto the coffee table and cast on for the second piece. I was happily knitting garter stitch when I glanced at my husband who had a perplexed and slightly sad look on his face. I asked what was wrong and he said "So, I guess you gave up on it?" He looked so upset that I was happy to inform him that the pattern calls for two matching pieces that are then grafted together in the center. I don't think he understood the logic behind that, but I was just pleased that he had shown a genuine interest in my knitting and the completion of the shawl.
I am really enjoying this knit, and I think it may have transformed me into a lace knitter. We'll see when I cast on for the Kimono Shawl this Fall, though the next things that will jump onto the needles are: Glee, Interlocking Balloons, and a custom raglan sweater for my darling husband. It's the last item that scares me the most. I've cast on and begun this about four times now and have never been happy with the results. He wants a simple v-neck sweater, it's hardly rocket science. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please do keep in mind that I refuse to seam....

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