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Frustrations into Joys

After my last post I decided to take some time out and ask some important questions. I now have solutions to the things that were frustrating me, which is wonderful!
Solution No. 1: I actually asked Katie what she would like (duh!) and got the answer that I expected and was hoping for. She would like Glee, so I will be casting on for it in the charcoal alpaca as soon as I can. I am excited to be buying this pattern because I have wanted to knit it for myself for a long time, now I'll have it and be able to. What a perfect solution!
Solution No. 2: I thought long and hard about what I'd rather do for my Dad; knit Shifting Sands or use the Cottage Tweed I had set aside. I came up with using the Cottage Tweed*, since it really is one of my favorites and sharing it with him is a gift I look forward to giving. This led me on a search for a new pattern, and I arrived at Interlocking Balloons. There are a plethora of beautiful examples out there in blog land, here are a few. I have actually wanted to knit this pattern for quite some time, but was intimidated by it until just now. Isn't it wonderful how we grow as knitters? Just looking at the pattern and thinking that I found it difficult not too long ago helps me to understand how much I have learned in such a short time.

*I feel the need to point out that I probably will still knit Shifting Sands this year, as I love the pattern and would like to make one for someone I love. I'm just not sure who that person will be yet.

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La Cabeza Grande said...

Sometimes, the answers are right in front of our faces, just waiting for us to open our eyes.

So glad you found yours :o)