Pink lady knits


Embossed Leaves

Pattern: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt
Source: Favorite Socks, Interweave
Yarn: Koigu
Needles: #2 Susan Bates DPN's
Notes: I loved knitting these socks, and this photo really doesn't do them justice. They are exceptionally beautiful and not just because I knit them. The detail that went into this design is astounding and I am enthralled by the finished product. I will be doing a photo shoot with better lighting, details, props...but until then I wanted you to see how truly DONE these socks really are. I love wearing them...they fit like a dream. I have seen some examples where the garter stitch portion of the heel lines up perfectly with the purled rows in the pattern, however, mine did not do this. I am not disappointed by that though, because every other tiny thing on this sock is perfect. The toe....well, the toe is amazing. Not only is it a super cool and innovative way to do a toe that is fun to knit because you see it swirl, but it is lovely how the last leaf flows into the point of the star. Really amazing knit, really. Make a pair. Go now and get the yarn....I'll wait.
As soon as these were complete I put them onto my feet and began to knit another pair...and addictive pair at that. Stay tuned.


Jen said...

Did you actually knit something for yourself??

Courtney said...

go figure!!!