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Project Spectrum: August and September

The colors for Project Spectrum this month are very seasonally appropriate, and though I don't have much yarn to suit them, I do see these colors each and every day.
Brown. I do have some brown yarns, some nice wool by Patons and some come coppery-brown lace (which would have also worked for the last color cycle) though due to my deadline-oriented knitting schedule of late, I am not sure there is much brown knitting in my future. I did snap these photos last night while thinking of the new scheme...

Pan-Seared Chicken for Pot Pie

Guest Bedroom wall with Orchids on my Dressing Table

Orange. I don't see myself knitting any orange for the next few months, but I plan to keep my eye open for some orange yarn since I do love the way it looks in socks and other small garments.
Purple. I don't have a lot of purple in my collection, but this doesn't mean I can't get some. Heh heh heh.
I plan to try to hone my photography skills this month and next in an attempt to capture the Project Spectrum colors around me.

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