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Hogwarts Sock Swap

As you may or may not know, I am participating in the second Hogwarts Sock Swap. I am really excited about this swap and since my first swap experience is going so well, I have high hopes. My swap pal (Avada Ackerly) is in Hufflepuff house, which makes her colors yellow and black.
I thought long and hard about which yarn and pattern to use. I thought of trying a simple striped sock in alternating equal bands of yellow and black, which appealed to me. I considered a really beautiful lacy sock in a nice crisp yellow with black toes and heels. I pondered the risk of trying stranded color work in an attempt to bring the two colors together in an harmonious geometric pattern. I weighed the option of having the yarn versus the pattern play the starring role, and carefully thought about what it means to be a Hufflepuff (especially now, as the end of the series is so clear.) Some of the bravest and kindest characters are from
Hufflepuff house, and they always seem to get along with the other houses so well. They are gentle, but strong and very loyal, and ultimately, they are an integral part of the storyline. With that in mind, I have selected both the yarn and the pattern for this project.

Avada, if you are reading, now would be a very good time to look away...

First, I should mention that I have decided to let the yarn play a major role in this pair of socks. In order for that to work, the yarn must be something truly special and unique. It must have the perfect blend of colors and quite a reputation. It was with all of this in mind that I selected:

Scout's Swag in Kill Bill

I have heard, from numerous sources, how lovely her yarn is and have been wanting to try it for some time. This seemed a perfect occasion. Also, she had the perfect color!
Now that I have this fabulously unique and special yarn planned, I want something super high-end, but very simple for the pattern. I considered the infamous Jaywalker, and even simple stockinette, but ultimately decided upon RPM. This spiral pattern seems to indicate the faithfulness and steadfastness that each of the main characters from Hufflepuff exemplified. In addition to this, I feel it will really show off the beautiful colors in the yarn. The pattern won't be much of a challenge for me to knit, but it is simple and beautiful and you can't mess with that.
I am off to order the yarn! Wish me luck...

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