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I sent my Father an email a few days ago asking if he needed any Winter knits for the upcoming hunting* season. He lives in Arizona, so the weather doesn't generally get cold enough to merit wool, however, when he hunts he is usually out early in the morning at which point it gets down in the 30's and 40's.
He made this request:

"Gave your suggestion some thought and arrived at two suggestions regarding practical knitted products. Here is your challenge:
I would like a pair of shooting mittens. Although the weather here is usually cool in November I will be hunting in the foothills above 2,000 feet. At that altitude the mornings can be cold and I would like some mittens to keep my hands warm and allow me to quickly operate my rifle.
Outwardly, shooting mittens are the same as a standard mitten, however they have an opening or slit on the upper palm at the crease where the fingers join the palm. This allows the shooter to pull his fingers out of the mitten to operate the trigger. Because wool is slippery, most of the commercial offerings have leather palms for a better grip on the wooden stock. Some incorporate nylon palms.
If this is too difficult I would prefer a scarf in a light tan and brown. Any broken pattern is fine. Should be a fairly light knit material to allow me to swivel my head without chafing my neck on my collar."

Hmmm, food for thought. Right off the bat, Broad Street occurred to me. It is the perfect mitten for what he needs, however the leather application would be a challenge. I do like a challenge, and believe it could be fun to incorporate this new technique into my knitting. However, he also requested a scarf, which is simple and I have the yarn in my stash, all ready to be knit. I have the perfect pattern to use, and could utilize larger needles to keep it loose and airy. Alternately, I could make him a cowl, which would serve the purpose of keeping him warm, while also being loose enough around his neck that he could swivel easily. Browns and tans for Dad, either way, he likes those colors.

In other knitting news...I got a message from my sock pal saying that my socks are on the way. I am very excited to see them, and after stalking blog after blog over the last several weeks to try and sniff out my knitter, I can't wait for the surprise to be revealed. I am one of those people who shakes the boxes on Christmas this has been hard for me. I also heard from the person I knit for. I am pleased as punch to say that her socks fit. Here are some snippets from her email to me:

Got the package today and WOW! How cool and yes they fit. Not being digital makes it difficult to send a picture. Thank you so much for the extra treats...Thanks again Courtney you really did a fine job. Alice"

You all may know her as "Alice in the Heartland" and though she is blogless, she has quite a presence on the world wide was an honor to knit for her and I am so happy that she was pleased. The "extra treats" she is speaking of were two skeins of Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo in a rainbow tweed. I meant also to send along the extra yarn from the hank I knit with, but didn't remember until I had sealed the envelope. I will likely mail that out to her separately. I'd like her to be able to make modifications if she needs, and at the very least to be able to make repairs.


I didn't work on The Bed Shrug last night as we had to take Tucker to the animal hospital. He had an eye infection and will be fine (hopefully) with his new drops. He was a good boy, but I didn't feel that delicate silk lace was an appropriate take-along project for the animal hospital. Instead, I worked on my Mom's Alpaca Socks. I am loving these, even though they are the most simple of simple. I did a short cuff and a short-row garter stitch heel and toe. I finished the first one last night (and will update this post later this evening with a photo of it.) This pair is my second pair started for Summer of Socks.

*Sorry if you don't believe in hunting, but my Dad doesn't hunt for sport, he hunts for food. Just a disclaimer.

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