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Summer of Socks FO's

I have finished two pairs of baby booties for Summer of Socks. Each pair was knit for a friend at work who had a baby.
I knit the first pair for a friend named Kristin who had a little girl named Brigid. I always knew she was having a girl, so I wanted to pick a yarn that would be pink and frilly. Once I began these, they reminded me of Dumbledore's Phoenix Fawkes from the Harry Potter books/movies. I love these because they were so simple, but the color in the yarn -Lisa Souza Sock in "Sky Drama" - really stands out.

The Fawkes Booties

The next pair was knit for my friend Galen, his wife Krissy, and their new daughter Ava. I had no idea he was having a girl (no one did, for that matter) so I kept these gender neutral. I did a simple basket weave cuff, and I think they turned out well. They were knit in Regia 4-Ply in a mushroom color. They remind me of little acorns.

Acorn Baby Booties


Elizabeth said...

Dang, girl, you've been busy! Love the baby socks and the Gryffindor hat.

Jen said...

If I ever get around to acquiring a little person, I'll now expect you to sock it!

Mandy Scringeour said...

elizabeth - thanks! I have had so much fun making baby tiny and quick!

jen - awwww...let's be honest, you won't have a little person for me to knit for! ;)

Courtney said...

Sorry....that was me under my Hogwarts Sock Swap name...