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Sockapalooza Update

Sadly, after two hours of knitting my pals second Hedera on the way up to Michigan, I had to rip because I made a mistake and was unable to correct it. This was all before coffee, by the by. However, I cast back on and re-knit and made some good progress. Here are the socks as they stand right now:

As modeled by my footsies in my Mom's car on the way home. I tried to get a shot of the signs on the road, but this was the only photo I could get that wasn't blurry from motion.
They are moving along really well and I hope to be able to finish them soon and have them ready in time for the August 2nd shipping date. Stay tuned, more update photos to come...


Seanna Lea said...

That's a gorgeous shade of red. What yarn are you using?

Courtney said...

Thank you!
It's Fleece Artist Merino in "Brick"...I got it at Yarn 4 Socks. :)