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The people have spoken...

And the winner of the Sock Pattern Poll is:
(drum roll please...)
Saucy Socks AND Travelers Stockings with a whopping 6 votes each!
Thelonious was a close runner-up with 4 votes (I think that's enough for me to knit these for myself, what do you think?) And the lonely Pomatomus and Cable Net received only one point each. (Don't feel too bad for them, I will be knitting these for myself one day too!)
Hmmm, I don't really know what to do with this. I like both of the winning patterns, but they are so different from one another. One has large cabled patterns and open yarn overs that span the whole sock, the other has tiny fussy details in the cuff and an almost entirely stockinette leg and foot. I feel that I must be the tie-breaker, however. I think I have come to the most reasonable decision, and that is that I am going to wait until I see the yarn to make a final call. Swatching and feeling the yarn in my hands to get an idea of the thickness of it will likely lead me down the right path.
Speaking of the yarn, I ordered it yesterday, along with a small gift for my sock pal and a not-so-small gift for me. In addition to this good news, I completed my "Child's First Socks" last night (couldn't go to bed until the toe was finished) and tried to do a photo shoot, but the battery died after one (blurry) shot. I will get that and my completed Ribbed Shrug tonight and post them tonight. I have Roza's Socks on the needles....but I think I need another sock going at the same time (best to have two in case you get bored of one)...what, oh what, to knit next. :)


Jen said...

I put in an extra Saucy vote!!

Courtney said...

Besides, you already voted!