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New Yarn Shop

This weekend I will be stopping by a new (to me) yarn shop. Though I have been knitting for about two years, I have only ever been to two yarn shops; A Good Yarn and Woolworks. Both shops are wonderful, in very different ways. I learned to knit at A Good Yarn, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. The kindness, patience and jovial nature of everyone at the shop is astounding. They really are lovely people, and I always enjoy going in there. I have only been to Woolworks once, but it is beautiful. The selection of yarn is amazing, and the colors (the yarn is arranged in a rainbow of color on the shelves lining the walls of the shop) are transfixing. This weekend, however, I will be stopping by Ewenique Yarns in Bel Air. I am trying to sample new yarn shops in the area, because living in Baltimore affords me an opportunity to frequent several of the top-notch shops that are nearby. Their website has piqued my interest, mainly because of this blurb:
"Charity Knitting: If you are interested in knitting for the less advantaged, Ewenique Yarns will give you the yarn. When you finish your project, we will give you 5% discount off of your next purchase and see that your project gets to a nearby shelter."
I have been wanting to do some charity knitting for a while, and this is a wonderful incentive to start. What a great program (knitters seem to be the very best kind of people, wouldn't you agree?)
The secondary reason my interest was piqued is my need to sample Cascade yarns, which they carry. Almost every pattern in Stefanie Japel's new [FABULOUS] book call for Cascade, and I have never used this brand. I'd like to see some of the types of yarn she suggests and price them out.
I will be in the neighborhood because we are test-driving some new cars for my husband, so I have wrangled him into letting me stop by the shop for a while. I'll let you know what I think, and hopefully have some knitting progress for you by Monday.

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