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Hedera, oh Hedera!

I do believe I have taken on too much for my Holiday knitting. Progress continues to be slow and that is discouraging, to say the very least.
The Hedera socks that I ripped out (they were the lovely red/pink/black stripey things a few posts ago) because the stripes were taking away from the lace, were begun again on some very simple black sock yarn. The lace was showing up more, a lot more, so much more that my mistakes were now glaringly obvious. I have decided to rip them out (again) and make my Mother-in-Law some stripey Jaywalkers from the red/pink/black yarn that I started with in the first place. I will make them on #1's so that they are tighter and probably do a 2x1 ribbing (which is what the pattern calls for, I am sure, but I did a 1x1 on mine because I am a ribbing rebel without a cause.) Hopefully that will do the trick with the socks to make them tight enough. Though they are on hold until I finish Grace's Birthday Sweater, I promise to keep ya posted.
I hope to make some more progress on Grace's Birthday Sweater tonight. I have about 6 inches done on the arms (it is the measurement around the chubbiest bits of her arms though, because of the way that the pattern is written.) Once the decreases are done for that, I will bind off for the neck and split the sides so that I can knit the front. There is math involved with that, which is scary, but her birthday is quickly approaching. What is scarier than the math is the lack of grape colored yarn...I am on my very last ball, and though I have a back up plan for grape yarn shortage, I dont' want to alter the way it looked in my head, unless I HAVE to. We all know how that goes, don't we?
Most other things are on hold until after Miss Gracie's gift is blocking....sorry so boring. Maybe I'll post some photos of the slow-going tonight. I do get to pick out a button soon....that's kind of exciting, right?


tatjana said...

Yes! Buttons are always exciting :) I can't help collecting them, but I don't make enough button things so I get all happy when I can use them. Hope all works out with the birthday sweater!

Courtney said...

thanks! I have a bunch of vintage buttons, but I am not sure that any of them will work for this project....
here's hoping that this sweater is done in time! :)