Pink lady knits


Directions? I don't need no stinking directions....

do I?
Apparently, the answer is "YES."
I did about 4 more inches on Grace's Birthday Sweater last night while watching Nip/Tuck. I began to bind off, and occasionally glanced at the directions, thinking "Wow, this is easy..."
Boy was I wrong! I bound off for the sleeves and then realized that I was supposed to bind off for the neck halfway through the sleeves, and then knit them and bind them off seperately. 4 inches of perfect (OK, almost perfect) stockingnette stitch!
So I did it, I ripped out. It was so sad. I am further away then I was when I posted last, and I am getting no knitting done at work these days. I only have 8 days to finish this sweater and 4 of those days will find me in D.C. at our annual conference, with no time for knitting. I am not even taking blocking into consideration at this point. I can steam block this puppy, her Mom will wash it right away anyway (and rightfully so.)
YIKES! Best get knitting! Hopefully I can get through the neck and sleeves tonight...send me good knitting vibes please!


tatjana said...

oh no! I hate it when that happens :P Don't worry, you'll get it done! Mistakes just make for more good knitting karma, and count double when it's for someone else ;)

Courtney said...

oh, thank you! I hope you are right.....I did finish said sweater and intend to post photos of it this evening. :)