Pink lady knits



I have learned my lesson. Knitting scarves as Christmas gifts is a bad idea. Scarves are row knit, one row purl, one row knit, ad nauseum. Right? No! I was wrong, scarves can be fun! I checked out "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen last night at my local library and now I am excited about knitting scarves! (I know, who thought that was possible!?)
I have four scarves to knit as gifts for Christmas and I have figured out patterns for 3 of them from this book. I will be making the Forbes Forest scarf for my Father-in-Law in a beautiful blue wool called Stream. I will be making the Zigzag Stripes scarf for my cousin Kelly's husband Danny in mainly a grey with a fun orange as well. And, finally, I will be making the Interlocking Balloons scarf for my Mother-in-Law's boyfriend Tony in a Cranberry red wool. I think that they will all turn out really well. The only one left to decide on is Jimmy's scarf. He is a huge Ravens fan, so I bought his yarn in black and purple, but I need something simple for Jimmy, because Jimmy is a simple man. I will ponder that, but in the meantime I will get started on the really fun scarves in this book....I strongly suggest a thumb-through or buy, it is well worth it!

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