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I haven't made much progress on Grace's Birthday Sweater, and I don't anticipate picking it up tonight either. The Manos Cotton is beautiful and OH SO soft, but an awful pain for me to work with. I get frustrated by it's bumpiness because I find that the wrong bump ends up sitting on the needle and makes my stitches much looser than they would normally be, no matter how I pull and tug at them. It is coming along, allbeit slowly, the sleeves are about 1/2 the depth I need them to be when finished. After that I need to split the sides, bind off for the neck and knit the fronts. Then I will pick up the front and neck and make the beautiful ribbed collar that just MAKES this sweater. I can't wait to switch to the raspberry color because I will feel like I am close to the end at that point.
I am about to start my Mother-in-Law's Birthday Socks. I believe I will be making her Hedera, because it seems that the lace pattern is quite stretchy and she has teeny tiny feetsies. After some help from the lovely women in the knitting community of LiveJournal I have an idea of measurements for them, so I will be casting on in the next few days...(for anyone keeping track, that will make 4 gifts on the needles at the same time—Mother-in-Law's Socks, Grace's Birthday Sweater, Dad's Christmas Socks and Paul's Christmas Scarf—but who's counting!?)
I have finished two legwarmers and one of my Fetching gloves. I will make the other tonight so that I can wear them at work tomorrow. It is just too cold in this office not to have handwarmers on. Sad state of affairs, I know! Once I finish them tonight, I will take a photo or two of the whole set for posterity.
Until then...

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